Survey and Positioning

Whether its positioning a vessel and towed sensors, ROVs and inertial navigation of AUVs or the precise acoustic positioning of seabed equipment and structures we can provide consultants with the specific knowledge and experience to manage and QC all aspects of survey operations. Our experience extends from onshore and shallow water environments to full ocean depths providing survey and positioning for deep water exploration, installation, search and salvage operations.

We can provide survey representatives to witness and verify vessel offsets as well as shoreside and infield calibrations of equipment such as DGPS, Gyro compass, MBES, DVL and USBL. Our consultants come from a broad background, many having specific knowledge and experience of the industry standard navigational software packages (EIVA, QINSy, Starfix Seis) in order to better QC online navigational and acquisition data.

Our survey specialists have in depth knowledge and hands on experience in subsea positioning and metrology for the accurate measurement and installation of subsea structures such as wells, trees, manifolds, jumpers, PLETs, risers and spool pieces, and can provide QC of the acoustic network designs using specialist software such as Sonardyne Fusion.

Our dimensional control surveyors can monitor the installation of jackets, topsides, bridges, monopiles and support structures to ensure that the tight tolerances in the 3 dimensional positioning of heavy structures are met.

We are a leading supplier of survey client representatives to supervise and QC the subsea and surface positioning of jackup and semi-submersible drilling rigs, drillships or flotels. We have experience in the positioning QC of deep water anchor handling, well setting, template installation and tophole drilling as well as mooring operations and FPSO hook-ups.

We can provide short term or long term survey consultants who work closely within our clients’ project teams to manage day to day offshore and onshore operations, review or compile scopes of work and procedures and check contractors reports.


  • Survey and Project management
  • Project Surveyors
  • Equipment Test and Calibration Verifications
  • Geodetic Consultancy
  • Dimensional Control Specialists
  • Supervision and QC of surface and subsea positioning
  • Third party representation during close proximity operations
  • Graphical Information Systems (GIS) Expertise
  • QC Software
  • Reporting