Operations & Support Services

Operations & Support Services


Our exploration services are related to the discovery of oil and gas reserves mainly using deep seismic survey methods. However, the need to make the most of dwindling resources has driven the development of operations such as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Visit page >>

Survey and Positioning

Whether its positioning a vessel and towed sensors, ROVs and inertial navigation of AUVs or the precise acoustic positioning of seabed equipment and structures, we can provide consultants with the specific knowledge and experience to manage and QC all aspects of survey operations. Visit page >>

Site Investigations

Site investigations are a fundamental part of any Front End Engineering Design (FEED) phase. In order to design and engineer onshore and offshore structures such as platforms and jackets, subsea wellheads, manifolds, pipelines and umbilicals associated with oil and gas production, complete seabed and sub seafloor site investigations are required. Visit page >>

Installation and Construction

This is a core activity of Atlas Professionals across all market sectors. Our consultants are involved in all aspects of offshore installation and construction from the survey and positioning side to diving, ROVs, trenching, boulder removal, dredging and rock emplacement or rock dumping.Visit page >>

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Most subsea assets require periodic inspection for corrosion and cathode protection, leak detection, scour, depth of burial, out of straightness surveys (OOS) or general video inspection (GVI) to comply with statutory regulations.Visit page >>


Our marine operations project support spans all aspects of offshore vessel, platforms,drilling rigs or drillships and floating production storage facilities (FPSO). Given the increased focus on QHSE in the operational environment, Atlas Professionals can provide consultants with the necessary experience and industry recognised qualifications. Visit page >>