Installation and Construction

This is a core activity of Atlas Professionals across all market sectors. Our consultants are involved in all aspects of offshore installation and construction from the survey and positioning side to diving, ROVs, trenching, boulder removal, dredging and rock emplacement or rock dumping.

Our consultants can manage and provide field supervision and QC for all oil and gas associated infrastructure installations such as Subsea Umbilcals Risers and Flowline (SURF), S-lay and J-lay pipeline installation, bundle tows, touchdown monitoring, mattress installation, spool piece metrology and tie-ins. Flying lead and Jumper installation also form part of the services covered by our construction support professionals.

Atlas Professionals can provide offshore management and consultancy for all surface and subsurface installation operations. We have installation experience of jackets, topsides and bridges for shallow water production platforms as well as the float-over type deep water gravity based structures (GBS). Our specialists can advise on all aspects of the operations involving seabed piling, heavy lift, precise dimensional control and scour protection.

With an increasing focus turning towards an environmentally responsible industry, decommissioning operations are becoming a more significant facet of offshore operations once the life of a field comes to an end. We can provide suitably qualified consultants for all aspects of a decommissioning operation.

We have specific consultants specialised in wind turbine installation, piling and foundations, qualified and experienced in supervising heavy lifting operations to LOLER, PUWER, IMCA and CDM regulations.

We know the intricacies of power and array cable installation compared with transoceanic fibre optic telecom cable installation. We ensure that exactly the right consultants are provided for each part of the project. Our consultants can witness the delicate loading of thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cables with repeaters and branching units onto installation vessels, they have the relevant experience to oversee pre-lay clearance of the cable route (PLGR) to installation, plough burial and post-lay inspection and burial (PLIB) of the cable.

Services include:

  • Project Management
  • Project Engineers
  • HSE Advisors and Representatives
  • Survey Client Representatives
  • Diving Representatives
  • Offshore Construction Managers
  • Offshore Installation Managers
  • Installation Project Managers
  • Construction and Marine Representatives
  • Cable Installation Representatives
  • Salvage and Decommissioning Consultants
  • Reporting