Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

Most subsea assets require periodic inspection for corrosion and cathode protection, leak detection, scour, depth of burial, out of straightness surveys (OOS) or general video inspection (GVI) to comply with statutory regulations. There are various external inspection techniques involving sensors such as multibeam, sonar, profilers, electromagnetic induction, photogrammetry and video cameras mounted on towed vehicles such as ROTV, DROV or conventional ROVs. Internal inspection of pipelines is often conducted using pigging equipment but there are other techniques for non destructive testing (NDT) such as ultrasonic thickness measurement, MPI and magnetic flux leakage.

Atlas professionals supply inspection client representatives qualified to CSWIP 3.4U level experienced in inspecting all forms of subsea structures such as wellheads, manifolds and pipelines. Our consultants have backgrounds in the survey, ROV and diving industries so have in depth knowledge of all subsea operations. They are familiar with most inspection recording and eventing systems such as COABIS and Visualsoft and can provide online and offline QC of recorded data.


  • Survey QC Representative 
  • ROV Client Representative
  • 3.4U Inspection QC Representative
  • Underwater Inspection Coordinator
  • NDT Inspector
  • Data Processing QC
  • Dive Representative 
  • QA/QC Engineer