Working on Nord Stream 2: Client Rep Ben Barton

This year Atlas Professionals secured a service agreement for Nord stream 2. The contract will allow Atlas’ Management & QC team to supply Vessel Representatives to the project until the end of 2018.

Connecting the internal energy market

The pipeline will be one of the world’s longest offshore natural gas pipelines and a major infrastructure project. The pipeline will transport natural gas from reserves based in Russia to consumers in the EU. It travels from the coast of Russia, through the Baltic Sea, reaching landfall near Greifswald in Germany. From there, the natural gas enters the European internal energy market and will connect into other pipelines for onward transportation. Atlas Professional, Ben Barton has worked through our agency for the last two years and has worked on a variety of projects through Atlas’ Survey and Management & QC business lines. Ben talks to Atlas about his recent experience on the Nord Stream 2 project.

“It’s been a very interesting project to work on,” says Ben. “Being a contractor, you don’t always get the chance to stay and work on just one project and generally never get to see a whole project through from start to finish. With a well-rounded survey background, it was good to be selected by Nord Stream 2 as one of their client reps for the start of this prestigious project, commencing with the geophysical survey acquisition, and later moving onto the detailed ROV survey operations. As a Client Rep I get to work on each part of the project from the geophysical data acquisition, right through to construction. My responsibility is to report back to the client at each stage of the project and oversee the individual offshore phases of the operations on behalf of the client. There have been several challenges during the survey phases, but the most interesting being the extreme cold weather encountered during the winter months in the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 is currently in the closing stages of survey acquisition, ensuring the best route is chosen to support the next phase of the project.”

Supporting Contractors

Ben has been working through Atlas’ Management & QC business line based in Bristol. “Over the years Atlas have provided a good range of services, however, the one service that stands out to me is the way Atlas support their contractors at every stage of the process. You’re always guaranteed a professional service. I also like the fact that the teams’ have direct-field experience in the industry, so if you have any questions they know what you’re talking about. Business Manager for Management & QC, Grant Johnston, has always informed me on the latest news, strategies and plans in the industry. Grant is good at building client relationships which subsequently helps me in making new contacts and strengthening existing contacts with a variety of clients.”

Nord Stream 2 is planned for completion in 2020 and hopes to set the climate goals and strengthen the internal energy market for the European Union. Atlas are proud to be a part of this exciting project and looks forward to securing more opportunities for professionals in the future.