Survey and Construction Project: Laggan Toremore


The Laggan and Tormore fields are located approximately 125km north-west of the Shetland Islands. Both fields lie in an area known generically as West of Shetland – a region geographically closer to the North Atlantic than the North Sea – located on the edge of the UK continental shelf. Here, water depths descend rapidly from an average of 120m to 600m and beyond. Which is a uniquely challenging environment in which to operate, but also one with great potential.

The subsea production system will be the deepest production system in UK waters, namely at 600 meters water depth. The subsea tie-back (18”gas flowlines) will have a distance of 143km and will realise 234km 30” gas export.

Atlas Professionals provided 18 Client Representatives in the period from 2012 to 2014 where they provided associated subea structures and umbilicals. Please see below some facts about this project:

  • 17% of the UK Gas Reserves in West of Shetland
  • 120m-600m Water Depth
  • Two 143km 18” import flowlines
  • Two 900 tonne templates integrating 9 wells
  • Gas exported via SIRGE System, 234km 30” pipeline