Atlas Offshore Management & Quality Control Office FPAL Verified

As a trusted partner to the offshore industry, Atlas works hard to ensure that its 24 offices around the world are certified with quality assurance standards to show a reflection of our company performance.

Achilles FPAL Verify Audit

As a third party assessor, Achilles FPAL evaluates the internal processes of international companies, demonstrating how well companies perform in these areas and providing new business ventures for multiple industries.

Achilles FPAL auditors attended Atlas Professionals’ Offshore Management and QC office based in Exeter to assess the organisation’s Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Competence & Training Management systems.

The two day Achilles FPAL Verify Audit was very successful and achieved the following score ratings which are out of a highest score rating of 9.4:

  •          Quality                                                       8.5                                         
  •          Health & Safety                                          8.0
  •          Environment                                              7.4
  •          Competence & Training                             8.3

Achilles FPAL Supplier Number 10040241

Atlas is proud of the very good scores that it received from this assessment and proves that Atlas is doing its upmost to provide a high quality service for current and prospective customers. We are confident that this will increase our prequalification with major Energy and Production operators worldwide.